Owner & Creative Director; Shontelle J. Walton



Verona's Pearl is a Caribbean-American brand whose fabrics and daring colors are crafted into joyful, feminine pieces for the modern woman. Initially conceived as a small offering of vacation-wear, Verona's Pearl has evolved into a bona fide collection for the modern woman.

Alongside ethereal beach-ready fabrics and vibrant prints, you'll find a covetable assortment of versatile pieces you can bring along on your next sun-soaked getaway or, weather-permitting, wear now for work or play.  


The mission of Creative Director; Shontelle Walton is to inspire you to discover, collect, and mix together pieces  that you love and that fascinate you.


The lifestyle and concept of Verona's Pearl was inspired by the older generation of women in Shontelle's family, starting with her grandmothers on both sides Verona Udora Lashley and Pearl Waple Walton.  The boutique's name "Verona's Pearl" pays tribute to her grandmothers who have always watched over her so dearly, along her journey. To them, Shontelle truly is Verona's Pearl. 


They believed in taking risks and breaking boundaries—and, often, rules.

The Verona's Pearl lifestyle is not about trends or fads. It's an evolution, something that we acquire as we collectnot just things, but the experiences, discoveries, passions and life events that shape us.